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Do you think you know me?

Do I think you really care?

Am I not just another notch

on your super spiritual gun?

Scoring Holy ego points

using God’s own Son, crying

Freedom, freedom in the Spirit

While men reign in total control.

Whipping up an emotional frenzy

Junkies high on too much spirit juice

pushing hard making things happen

but never wanting to let loose

of what’s real and what’s

so desperately needed.

So many broken hearted ones,

who simply come to heal and pray.

Yet they are the very ones

that you all manipulate away.

They only came to hear God say

I love you my dear child,

I am so very fond of you

don’t run, please, please stay.

But it is so, so hard to love those

who you cannot control, Isn’t it?

Yet there is so much that needs to be done

to help these broken ones get whole.

Have you ever walked in their shoes,

have you felt the depths of untold pain?

Have you ever seen the blood

as it drips crimson from our veins?

Well, He sees and He knows,

and He draws very near

to these humble broken souls.

His spirit of compassion is on the rise

to the religious spirits total demise.

I know many of you cast away

the shattered, ravaged hearts

of the ones He sends your way.

For often I have heard it said

from those who are completely undone,

that when they came for acceptance

all they got was shunned,

over and over again by the ones

who are supposed to be there

to guide them.


versatile  a


awards from Jingle, thank you Jingle


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Happy Birthday Ana!


Sometimes in life it seems

That just when special times are done

They begin again

A gift is given

A baby is born

A little girl grows

As her father watches in awe

Such a joyous daughter

Heaven sent, my shining star

Whose light shines bright

In the hearts of those who know You

Dear, delightful Ana, splendid girl

Now fourteen years have past

It’s Birthday time again

So to you Dear Precious One

With love and joy in my heart

I celebrate you my youngest child

I lift you up with hope and prayer

May all your days be filled

With love, joy and happiness

As all my days with you have been

I hope you know forever

How I love you with all my heart

Happy Birthday Ana!!!!!

May it be one of many

May they all be blessed

Beyond all your imagination

May the Lord bless you and keep you

May His face shine upon you

May your heart be ever true

You are such a beautiful girl

I anticipate the wonderful

Woman you are about to become

And the wonderful future

That stands poised before you

Know that you will always be loved

And that I will always

Stand behind you and support you

Be strong and independent

Learn to take care of yourself

Before you need someone to

Take care of you

You are so talented, and bright

The world is your oyster

Find your pearl of priceless value

Above all let compassion and love

Be your guide across the landscape of life

Be passionate in your dreams

Treat others with kindness

Make your mark in life

By the woman you become

And not what you have or accomplish

You are so special

You have such a big heart

It will take you far

If you live your life in love.

Congratulations on fourteen

Fabulous years my sweet, beloved daughter.

I love you for ever

Happy Birthday

love daddy

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He Never Lets Go


Muddy Waters

Roll On By

Washed Away

By The Tears I Cry

Heartaches Come

But Are Swept Away

When My Eyes

Are On The Lord

Each Day

Cloudy Sky’s

Can Blow On By

The Sun Is Shining

I’m Not Going To Cry

Because God Loves Me

He Holds Me Tight

I’m In His Loving Arms

Each Morning And

Every Night

Troubles Come

Most Every Day

Sadness Tries

To Take Me Away

Still I Stand Firm

I’m Not Going To Let Go

Because He Holds Me

And He Never Lets Go

And I Know He Never Will




images by: asa

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different 2

What is wrong with being different?

Why do we all have to be the same?

So much to be said about individuality

But you just try!

You’ll see who gets the blame

Why so many stereotypes?

In their neat little boxes and paper bags

Are we so quickly and neatly summed up?

In single file categories, straight lines, plain flags

Color blind ideas in a Rainbow world

Fear, walls and divisions, human traditions

Where bigotry stands behind twisted pickets and lies

With blood stained hands creating hatred that is hurled

At people like you and I, just people, folks, you and I

Whose right is it to make us cry

Just because we are who we are

Do we have to kill ourselves?

Or be drug behind someone’s car?

Or beat to a pulp and left for dead

Just one more fallen star?

Just get the message! Be different……

…..at your own risk….

Go, but not too far, take your chances,

But be willing to bear your scars

Love is by far the one and only way

Still, every rose has it’s thorn

Often even in love there is a painful price to pay.


different 1

photos: internet

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Look at the compassionate Christmas tree

All decked out, such a symbol of grace

Colorful lights and brilliant sparkling ornaments

Bringing joy and delight to many a face

Across many great lands of this world

A beautiful act of annual congruity

If only if could be always so

That the people of this world

Diverse though they may be

Could be drawn together

Into the boldness of unity!

United we stand divided we fall

Joined together for the common good of all

And for the one who made us for each other

Each one of us together taking our place

Doing our part for our human race

Everyone taken care of, no one left out

From the great and tall to the weak and small

No throw away people here, not one

All can be redeemed all can be fixed

No Scarlet Letter

No Mark of the Beast

Only love and peace and hope for all

From the greatest of the great

To the very last, the smallest of the small

No one is too broken

No one is beyond repair

When it is pure Love’s acclaim

That the living truth does spare

So many lives shattered

So many lives filled with shame

So many wounded, hurting souls

Bearing all the guilt and all the blame

For the evils pressed upon them

They gather around the trees

Praying for hope and peace to be there

Two trees standing in the garden

One a tree of grace

One a tree of despairs

One tree’s beautiful lights

Announcing a new birth of hope

One tree stark and barren in death

Hung with compassion and care pronouncing

For all to see that there is hope

To be found in the tree of despairs

Life springs anew from the bareness of death

Both trees a symbol of the One True King

The Master of unity who one day will bring

His Kingdom to the humble ones

Who wait for His glorious return

Look at the beautiful Christmas Tree

Look at the tree of despairs

Where love and compassion were hung

For us, to show how much He cares

So take the time to think deep, breathe in

All that this means and how glorious it is.

Oh Christmas tree spectacular and vivid

May you speak your magic to the hearts of all.


image by; asa

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Happy Birthday Amber!


Happy Birthday Amber

I Love You So Much!

My Heart beats with pure joy

At every thought of you

The woman you have become

The person you have always been

Never cease to amaze me!

You are my delight

My shining star

So wonderful and brilliant

In every life you touch

You shine with beauty and love

Twenty Five Years, so fast

A quarter of a century, just a blur

So quickly have those

Precious Years Vanished

They have taken wings to fly

And soared into sweet memories

Leaving yesterdays dreams far behind

Now is the time to feel the need

Grab the years that remain

Let the Spirit’s Heart and

The minds eye clearly guide you

With Love and Compassion

For all who cross your path

As the grains of sand

Each one a year, a gift

From our Father God

Spin with love a tapestry of life

To be lived in passion for others

No matter what it is

That you may choose to do

For that is how you will be measured

In the eons of time beyond our world

By those who never die

Who will some day greet you

As the last grain of sand

Falls into the future.

My lovely daughter

Who is such a blessing to me

And to the entire family

May you be blessed in all you do

May favor shine His face upon you

And may you always know

That from the deepest depths of my heart

You are loved beyond measure

Happy Birthday Amber

I Love You So Much!!!!!!


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much more

the writing

went much


than ever


it was

much more

than i could take



still shot


let loose rampant

in my brain

in my soul

ringing in my ears

ravaging my heart

salty rain

on my cheeks

running down

slippery slopes

away from past

silent nightmares

screaming fears

pouring tears

i cannot escape

ravenous wolves

from the past

running and howling

to devour me

and the boy i was

and the boy that was

taken from me


i ran away

from the thoughts

and agonizing


only illusions

for so long

sudden reality

that found a way

from my heart

through my pen

onto paper


so cleansing

so terrifying

i ran away

from my pen

and hid a while


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