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i phone pics 045

On this sidewalk I did walk, again
Now that I am much older
I returned one sunny day out of the blue
To see if I could feel again
What I did all those years ago
Things have changed, but not much
As I remembered the walks I made
On these concrete squares
During those early years of my life.
I remembered once again, how
In that mystical way you came
And took my hand and started
To walk me through my life……
In the wee hours of my life
When I was young and very small
You came and took me by the hand
And helped my little broken heart
To hear your voice and answer the call
To hang in there no matter what
And stand tall……so I did
And so I have and that is what has worked
It would have been impossible
And never ever would have worked
If you had not come
At the worst time
At the height of the crime
When all was so dirty and sublime
And taking my hand, so gently
You became the one
Who always sees me through
So Jesus all I can ever do is
Thank and praise you.


href=”https://ncbeachcomber.files.wordpress.com/2014/03/i-phone-pics-044.jpg”&gt;i phone pics 044<a


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Happy Birthday Ryan


Happy Birthday Ryan

Today you would be 28

But there were places

You had to go, oh no

You could not be late

There was a party up in heaven

They had already set the date

So you were partying up in heaven

While we were weeping here on earth

To us you are so very priceless

But the Angels knew your real worth

So we said our sad goodbyes

And settled for crocodile tears

On each of these, your birthdays

Throughout all the long years

We love you so very much

You are such a special joy

And each year on you birthday

We’ll celebrate you; our

bright and shining little boy

Our radiant little fallen star

Oh how we miss your light so bright

But know dear son, you are never far

From your parents heart come day or night!

The gifts were all wrapped

All preparations made with care

For your sixth birthday celebration

How could we ever know

That you would not be there!

The gifts remained unopened

All careful plans were laid aside

Instead of a joyous day of life

We cried and cried and cried

Then we attended your funeral

Instead of your party

All decked out with toys

All things bright and wonderful

For a bright and shining little boy!

You now are a full grown man

In another time and place

We will forever love you and cry

Until that day we can see your face!


I love you and I miss you

I just want you to know

I wish you were still here

I never wanted to let you to go.

Happy 28th Birthday Ryan!


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sully in the closet

monsters in my closet

monsters under my bed

silly old monsters

get outta my head

and get outta my way

there is something here

I gotta say

you are not the scariest

monsters here today

so get outta my closet

come out from

under my bed

don’t hurt your self

don’t bump your head

now move on over

or jump in my bed

but don’t get hot

just stand aside

cause your in the spot

where I like to hide

aaahhh real monsters are coming

hurry there’s not much time

quick, lets hide

inside of this rhyme


real monsters 3

images; internet, disney and nickelodeon cartoons

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When I was 10

When I was ten so way back when

My life was very much different

It was matchbox cars and army forts

Skinned up knees ‘neath cut off shorts

Bright summer fun, gray winters glee

Snowfall and football, shimming up a tree

Toasty warm fire on cold winters eve

Raking and diving into falls Amber leaves

Running through back yards

climbing over fences

Fighting off the enemy from the ditches

That we called trenches

Zooming by on my Spider bike

Close behind Joe, Ray and Mike

Chasing after shadows,

The wispy trail of fantasies

Or running from a monster

Whose spreading a disease

School was there too but

We paid it little attention

It was just one of those things

that did not get much mention

When daydreams were reality

And grownups could not see

The ‘real’ things that surrounded us

They said it couldn’t be but kids know better

Oh what feelings these memories do bring me

They take me back to a place so long ago

For so many years these memories escaped me

Now it seems I’m stuck back there

So way back when I was just ten

And my life was very much different…………..



deeper still the memories do slide

back to tears so long ago cried

pain and fear that I hoped I had hid

comes pouring out from within the kid I was

When I was ten so way back when

My life was very much different

I heard angry words, saw tantrums and fits

Viciousness shattered my tiny heart into bits

There were spiteful glares and hateful looks

I so often ran and hid in my books

ridicule, teasing, slander and so much more

unspeakable acts on the other side of the door

At the top of the stairs I heard things said

That made me so sad that I wished I were dead

So way back when I was ten

And my life was very much different

She told me you loved me but how could that be?

Considering all the evil things you did to me

You took immense pleasure in hurting me

I’m really very sorry that I have been so bad

You know I tried EVERYTHING to make you glad!

Grumbling, gripping,yelling and fussing

Raging,smashing, hurting me and cussing

Glaring hot, angry, hateful vicious eyes

Looking, piercing, scaring me, Why, Why, Why???

Why did you put that shame on my face?

Why do I feel like such a disgrace?

Why did you act so disgustingly with me

when I was so very young?

Why did you always lash out at me

with such an abusive tongue?

Why did you always strike out at me

with such an abusive hand?

Why did you always hate me

so way back when I was ten?

Why did you like misusing and mishandling me

so much, way back when I was only ten?



image by asa (bike pic is a 1970 Schwinn from an add, I had this bike only Starburst )


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My honey and I in the 80s

My honey and I playing in the snow in Va Beach in the 80s, we were not long married here and now it will be 25 years in a few days.  Wow!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  My BFF!!!!

There are rare friends

who come into our lives

with love for us

that shines brighter

than the sun, when life

gets tough they never run

they are the ones whose

feelings run so deep and

unconditional that they

never change

this love and friendship

grows stronger in age

and is finer

than the finest wine!

You my honey

are that fine sweet wine

that makes my face shine

you fill my heart with gladness

for I know that as long

as you are near me

a true friend shall

always be by my side

none better will I find!

So thank you dear friend

for being so true

and for bearing the pain

of loving me so much.

You are my ♥best friend!♥

and forever ♥♥♥lover!♥♥♥


al and deb in the snow 1

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Mommy, Mommy!

Where is he?

What did you do?

With  Pony!

I left him here

and went to play

I know I left him

here today.

Oh Mommy please!

He’s my favorite one!

Please tell me Mommy!!

What have you done?



images by asa

(I’m sorry, I couldn’t help it, (but it fits) we have been cleaning out my 13 year old daughter’s room and we found these two characters.  They go back a long way.  Good old Pony and His rainbow sidekick, what memories.)

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little charm

who’s that lonely little boy

with a book tucked under his arm

he’s lost his heart in another world

where no one does him any harm

he is so small and innocent

and he acts just like a charm

but the lost, wounded stare in his eyes

sends chills and sets off alarms;

too bad this big old world is so, so cold

and it’s very hard to disarm

the overwhelming urge to look away


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