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chains 1


Cast off the artificial feelings

of the body and the mind

induced by frivolous delicacy’s

that numb the pain but leave behind

scars and wounds, lessons of sorrows

that litter the path of yesterday

and wait for us in our tomorrows

walking in the valley of tears

searching, for the Lord of the Valleys

full of agony ravaged by fear

dreams of freedom overflow in feelings

too hard to face, too easy to run

disgraced, away from the ones

who can help find the path of conviction

free from the addiction

of instant gratifications

false elation, spiritual frustration

that is no substitute for love

thirsty and hungry, desperate inside

looking for the answers

where dreams have died

and hope is gone, all is lost

and at the highest price

the ultimate cost, is paid

salvation comes when pain surrounds

and sorrows drown your soul

foundation laid, rebuild anew

the life shattered and crushed

by the viciousness of life

in a world filled with cruelty

and left to fate, rising

above the bitterness and the hate

facing the pain with arms wide open

letting the tears of truth wash away

all the lies of self hatred

and cleanse the wounds inflicted

by the chains that bind

the broken hearts of the ones

trapped in the world of the addicted.


chains 2

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God please help!


how did it ever, ever

get to be this way

what could anyone,

anywhere possibly say

to a child who has to

pick his crumbs from

out of the dirt

while wars rage on

and billions are spent

in the business of hurt

we lock our possessions

up so very tight

and send the homeless poor

out into the night

to fend for themselves

in a world full of hate

where living and dying

are all left to fate

as prophets of doom

say that all is well

while all that is sacred

is condemned into hell

in a hand basket on

a bright sunny

Sunday afternoon

where lies are the truth

and truth is banished

and put away,

saved, I suppose

for some far off rainy day

when all hope is lost

and we finally

count the cost


different 2

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eradicators of childhood

tormentors of the soul

invisible monsters

only children can behold

unburied forgotten horrors

revealing memories unfold

villainous betrayal and denial

precious innocence lost

vicious secrecy covers evil

so ancient and old

as to be no more; but still

the story remains untold

warring against the children

praying upon their fears

following them into adulthood

choking them on the tears

of the truth lodged

in the back of our throats

trying to bury the memories

using minutes as miles for

distance from the evil encounters

pretending through the years

like they never were

but the future is the past

and the numbness never lasts

and the demons come home

to the children of the past

and the grownups

always deny they are there

am I crazy or what?

to believe this awful nightmare

hanging in sub consciousness

something quite unfair is

lurking in the shadows

ever drawing me into

the dank misty lair

of evil recollections

too hard to accept

too hard to deny

and sadly

as I grow older

they come back to me

crawling up from the mire

monstrously hideous creatures

coming back to remind me

that they are still there

waiting hungrily

with venomous fangs dripping

innocents blood

to finish the job

started long ago

for years the past escaped me

only to once again embrace me

in the icy steel grip of reminiscence

as it dawned on me again

and I remembered the evil

and the life long consequences

and all that has been lost

never to be regained

and that they still

hide in the shadows

their voices on the wind

mask in the familiars

calling the children

and luring them in

the pool of functional insanity

preying upon their innocence

fueled by all the fears

living with life long sadness

ever pulled by the madness and fear

of the ones who feed upon

the vulnerability of youth

I remember them! Do You?


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inner sorrow

darkness falling

i feel so contaminated

worthless from deep within

i ruin everything i touch

everyone is infected by my sin

i fail my friends

i’ve given up on dreams

instead of finding love

it always turns to screams

i should kill myself

i do not deserve to live

what does my wretched

miserable soul

on this earth have to give

i’ve never been good enough

to make it as a son

as for a good husband

i’m not the one

i failed my children

i was too broken to see

how i could ever become

what they needed me to be

i am rotten this i know

i’ve been taught it

through and through

i am filthy useless trash

what am i to do

i cry out in pain and wonder

what is wrong with me

i don’t know what to do

and who i am i cannot see

sorrow fills my shattered heart

in a valley dark and wide

and even though i try and run

there is no where to hide

from this madness

that stalks my mind through

fields of desolation

seeking termination

of my damaged soul

that feels so dirty

filthy and unclean

like soiled merchandise

better unseen

good for nothing

but to be used up

and thrown away

not even good enough

for a rainy day

i could never understand

how anyone wonderful

would want to hang out

with someone awful like me

that just goes to show

how great God really is

that He would

humble Himself

and come so very low

to where i am

and take my hand

and gently lead me

where i should go

God You are



Spooky Owl Tree

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demons of childhood

tormentors of the soul

invisible monsters

only children can behold

forgotten nightmares

restless memories unfold

secrecy and denial

ancient evil takes hold

warring against the children

praying upon our fears

following us into adulthood

blood in place of tears

growing away from the memories

crawling away from the fear

distancing ourselves from

insidious encounters

that make us feel quite queer

carnivores devour the children

grownups deny they are there

is it insanity to believe

this dark heritage that is not fair

prowling beast dripping fangs

on the edge of unconsciousness

lurking in my shadows, hanging

in my closet, slithering under my bed

deep in darkness misty lair

somehow living inside my head

crawling up from murky mire

hideous creatures accusing blank stare

coming back to remind me

that they are always there

feeding upon the souls of the innocent

calling me to come on down

voices drifting in the wind

whispering….suicides luring mantra….

…trying to stay awake….drifting…falling.

fighting the urge…sinking…. but in the end…

…..i know they all are real….


shemale demon tormentor of my soul

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Who will weep for the children?

Who with broken heart will come?

Who will dare with open eyes to look?

Upon the horror being done!

Who can bear the agony?

The depths of untold pain!

Who can bear this burden?

Yet keep from going insane?

Who can know the secret?

And not cry out in shame!

A people who abuse its children???????

Are we not all to blame?

Who will come to their senses?

Who will cut against the grain?

And stand no matter the cost?

With the children and our pain!


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He is My Portion

He came to live

So that we might live.

Not die, alone and empty,

not to take our lives away!

But to give to us

our life’s renewal.

—So you ask?

How do I live?

For me, to be,

Is not to be.—-

My life is found

hidden is His heart.

I died long,hard ago.

I am nothing,

I have nothing,

He is my portion

and I am His putty.

What I have

Is what He wants me to have.

What He doesn’t

Is on the alter

Waiting on Him.

Though I suffer pain,

And afflictions buffet

from every side.

Though I fall and complain, still.

I get up. He carries me.

I turn, and turn again

and He carries me.

I humbly cling to Him and

He carries me every day

Of my life.

Open your hearts

And be filled to overflowing

With the Love of Our Father

Open your hands

And receive His gifts.

May He be your portion

In this life, and

Not the paltry things

Around you.

Give it away if you must,

To find Him.

Put others first self last

Give the biggest piece away.

Choose the smallest for self.

See Father in everyone

and love as He loved us.


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