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He Never Lets Go


Muddy Waters

Roll On By

Washed Away

By The Tears I Cry

Heartaches Come

But Are Swept Away

When My Eyes

Are On The Lord

Each Day

Cloudy Sky’s

Can Blow On By

The Sun Is Shining

I’m Not Going To Cry

Because God Loves Me

He Holds Me Tight

I’m In His Loving Arms

Each Morning And

Every Night

Troubles Come

Most Every Day

Sadness Tries

To Take Me Away

Still I Stand Firm

I’m Not Going To Let Go

Because He Holds Me

And He Never Lets Go

And I Know He Never Will




images by: asa


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Our Tree Of Grace

Tree Of Grace 



It is Christmas time again and let me first say Merry Christmas to all of my family and friends whom I love very much. I hope and pray that you have a wonderful holiday season and that you are all richly blessed. 2010 has been a difficult and painful year in many ways yet a very blessed one all the same. My family and I have been through a lot and have learned a lot. We still have a long way to go but with God’s help and friends support we will reach the finish line.

We look forward to the year ahead as we say goodbye the this year and all of it’s trials and blessings. In 2011 we anticipate the return of our son Nathan from over seas and the wedding of our oldest daughter Amber to Gabriel and my brother Ben to Abby.   All still months off but the excitement and anticipation is already building.

There are some obstacles in the weeks and months ahead and we do not know what we may have to face but we are standing firm. We know from past experience that God will take our hand and guide us through what ever the year ahead brings. We hope for the best year ever and many blessings for us and for all of you.

One thing that has been in short supply is money and with the early arrival of winter is has been even more evident. Christmas is going to be old fashioned this year to say the least. A message from Nathan, some friends and family, a good holiday meal and a few small gifts for the children are all we are hoping for.  Hearing from Nate is most important and most unsure at this point.  We are not sure where he is, so we pray for him, and all the service members over seas and for all their safe returns. 

Due to the struggles of 2010 we almost did not get a tree. My wife and I were not too troubled by this but out 13 year old daughter was. That made me feel differently and I had no idea what to do so I ask God to help.  I was not sure what to do and I waited and He came through, as He always does.  Sometimes we have to wait and sometimes things do not turn out our way but He is always faithful and always sees us through.

Deborah was the answer to the question and to the prayer this time.  (As she often is for me.)  She was making a rice bag for a friend and had gotten some money for supplies and material to make it. When she left her friends house she went and bought the supplies needed and found there was some money left over. It had been agreed upon that since this rice bag was for free and not for sale so any money left over from supplies was Deb’s.

On the way home Deb stopped by a Salvation Army thrift store just to see if there were by chance any artificial trees there for sale. She found one tucked away in a corner. It had a run over by a truck look to it and seemed hardly worth any money or time. Still she felt that she should get it. “It had a lot of potential.” she said, it cost exactly the amount that she had left over which was not very much.  She bought it with a hope and prayer and a lot of thanksgiving.   We were not sure how it would turn out but we had a tree. Our miracle tree. Our “Tree Of Grace.” I am amazed at how it all came to pass from start to finish.

It started with a poem that turned into a prayer that turned into a little girl’s answer to prayer. It makes the struggles worth it all when the amazing and miraculous results come about. The tree ended up being a very nice artificial tree that was once a beautiful holiday treasure only to be injured and mistreated and ultimately discarded.  Only to be rescued by someone who saw the potential. Now it is once again what it was meant to be.  A magnificent symbol of grace. 

We worked hard undoing scrunched up and bent over branches but in the end it was a work of love and tenderness that paid off.  Just like Charlie Browns tree, ours was transformed from an ugly damaged thing to a beautiful work of our Father’s art.  Wow!!!!  Breathtaking!!!  We are all so thankful for this blessing and this symbol that has been placed in our lives when it was beyond our means.  Grace and mercy for today, hope for tomorrow.  A child and her families Christmas tree of grace from God. I am so blessed to be a part of it all. May you be blessed as this year ends and the new one begins. May your dreams all come true and when they don’t may you see the blessing even in that. Good always comes around if you wait. Happy Holidays to all.


Tree Of Grace 1

photos by; asa

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His Love

Yeshua's Love

Loneliness and pain surround me

I’m not sure what to do

A world so full of misery

Hearts of love so few

But in the darkness shines a light

Jesus love pure and bright

He is loving, gentle and kind

His hand is extended to you

Just reach out, take in and you will find

His love is especially for you

He paid the price why should we

He gave His life so we’d be free

So why should we give up the fight?

Why should we curl up and die?

Amidst the darkness shines His light

Ours is the Victory Cry!

Back from the grave, our lives in His hand

He’s fit us into His master plan

All we need do is rest in Him

Trusting with all our heart

It’s not for us to understand

We’re just not all that smart

Our God is so great, wise beyond all

His power and majesty still strong

even when we fall.


His Love

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note from Jesus


my child

I know you are


I know that your


has been


right in two

but I want you

to know

through everything

I am right here

with you!

from; Jesus

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inner sorrow

darkness falling

i feel so contaminated

worthless from deep within

i ruin everything i touch

everyone is infected by my sin

i fail my friends

i’ve given up on dreams

instead of finding love

it always turns to screams

i should kill myself

i do not deserve to live

what does my wretched

miserable soul

on this earth have to give

i’ve never been good enough

to make it as a son

as for a good husband

i’m not the one

i failed my children

i was too broken to see

how i could ever become

what they needed me to be

i am rotten this i know

i’ve been taught it

through and through

i am filthy useless trash

what am i to do

i cry out in pain and wonder

what is wrong with me

i don’t know what to do

and who i am i cannot see

sorrow fills my shattered heart

in a valley dark and wide

and even though i try and run

there is no where to hide

from this madness

that stalks my mind through

fields of desolation

seeking termination

of my damaged soul

that feels so dirty

filthy and unclean

like soiled merchandise

better unseen

good for nothing

but to be used up

and thrown away

not even good enough

for a rainy day

i could never understand

how anyone wonderful

would want to hang out

with someone awful like me

that just goes to show

how great God really is

that He would

humble Himself

and come so very low

to where i am

and take my hand

and gently lead me

where i should go

God You are



Spooky Owl Tree

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Draw Me To My Closet Lord

….but you, when you pray, go into your inner room, close your door and pray to your Father who is in secret, and your Father who sees what is done in secret will reward you openly…….matt 6:6


Draw me

To my closet


Teach me

How to pray

Draw me

Into Your Presence


Tell me what to say

I long to pray

And intercede

On behalf of

Those dear to you

To serve

Humble and wounded

Lord, just for You

Fill me, mold me

Pour your precious

Rare, costly perfume

Into this cracked vessels

Patchwork heart

So that Love

May flow

Through the cracks

Into the spirits

Of those

You send me

Teach me

How to Love them

In the furnace

Of affliction

Lord and to

Suffer with You

On behalf of

Those You love.



Our Father who is in heaven

Hallowed be Your name

Your Kingdom come

Your will be done

on earth as it is in heaven

give us this day our daily bread

and forgive us ours debts, as we also

have forgiven our debtors

and do not lead us into temptation

but deliver us from evil

For Yours is the Kingdom

and the power

and the glory

forever and ever. matt 6:9-13

The Lord is my shepherd

I shall not want.

He makes me lie down in green pastures;

He leads me beside quiet waters.

He restores my soul;

He guides me in the paths of righteousness

For His names sake.

Even though I walk through the valley

of the shadow death,

I fear no evil for you are with me;

Your rod and Your staff, they comfort me.

You prepare a table before me

in the presence of my enemies;

You have anointed my head with oil;

my cup overflows.

Surely goodness and mercy will

follow me all of the days of my life,

and I will dwell in the

House of the Lord forever. psalm 23

The Lord Is My Sheppard

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The Crown

Fair is the bride of the King of creation

adorned in her garments of praise

Majestic her King over every nation

His power endures always

His bride He loves above all the earth

Her life secure is His hand is laid

He gave His all to prove her worth

His full price of pure life was paid

He relinquished His crown to win it back

Defeating death and it’s evil enclave

He shined His light when all was black

When all seemed lost the day was saved

His life for her He did not spare

His love for her beyond immense

He plundered glory for her to share

He waged a war above intense

He met His foe in the final duel

and laid him lower than the ground

He won His maiden Kingdoms to rule

and life to all who were found

on bended knee before their King.

Forever and ever until………eternity and beyond.


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