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He Never Lets Go


Muddy Waters

Roll On By

Washed Away

By The Tears I Cry

Heartaches Come

But Are Swept Away

When My Eyes

Are On The Lord

Each Day

Cloudy Sky’s

Can Blow On By

The Sun Is Shining

I’m Not Going To Cry

Because God Loves Me

He Holds Me Tight

I’m In His Loving Arms

Each Morning And

Every Night

Troubles Come

Most Every Day

Sadness Tries

To Take Me Away

Still I Stand Firm

I’m Not Going To Let Go

Because He Holds Me

And He Never Lets Go

And I Know He Never Will




images by: asa


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Happy Birthday Ryan


Happy Birthday Ryan

Today you would be 28

But there were places

You had to go, oh no

You could not be late

There was a party up in heaven

They had already set the date

So you were partying up in heaven

While we were weeping here on earth

To us you are so very priceless

But the Angels knew your real worth

So we said our sad goodbyes

And settled for crocodile tears

On each of these, your birthdays

Throughout all the long years

We love you so very much

You are such a special joy

And each year on you birthday

We’ll celebrate you; our

bright and shining little boy

Our radiant little fallen star

Oh how we miss your light so bright

But know dear son, you are never far

From your parents heart come day or night!

The gifts were all wrapped

All preparations made with care

For your sixth birthday celebration

How could we ever know

That you would not be there!

The gifts remained unopened

All careful plans were laid aside

Instead of a joyous day of life

We cried and cried and cried

Then we attended your funeral

Instead of your party

All decked out with toys

All things bright and wonderful

For a bright and shining little boy!

You now are a full grown man

In another time and place

We will forever love you and cry

Until that day we can see your face!


I love you and I miss you

I just want you to know

I wish you were still here

I never wanted to let you to go.

Happy 28th Birthday Ryan!


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Sons of Hope

Ryan and Nathan

you are such fine boys

I must confess

That as far as sons

Are concerned

You are the best

I love you both more

Than I ever knew

That I could love

Anyone like I love you

I thank my God

For sons so dear

And my sons

I want you near and

I hope one day

Side by side

We will be

Three grown men

Just wait and see

One day I know

True friends

We will all be

More than just

Man and boys

But Men to Men

Just you and me

It will be, I know it

I love you my sons.


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Legion of the Dead

Legion of the Dead

I ride a gray horse

among the Legion of the Dead

wandering with them unseen

forever adrift in a sea of red

an army of specters marching

across the blazing sands of time

Black sun setting

Blood moon rising

as the ghosts of the fallen

wait to be called

from beyond the horizon

bearing the memories

of those who are lost;

burning fever, rasping breath, oh

please, not gone, No! 

it’s too high a price to pay,

too high a cost to count!

moving forward, quickened step

backwards glance at footsteps fall

whispering song’s chilly wind

creeps up my spine  a spiders crawl

as the skeleton pirouettes

in a macabre dance of demise

that never ends, and the

droning roll call of the dead begins

again and again piercing my brain

with name after name one by one

each beckoned urgently;

only numbing silence remains

ringing in the ears like long ago

sepulcher’s death bells

chiming the toll

in a dirge for the slain

in hopes that remain

their torches burning

acrid vapors churning

at the edge of the abyss

as they come forth to take their place

in the legion of the innocent dead

the army of the rising Son,

I walk this earth

but I died long ago,

like them struck down

still I remain, suspended;

between here and there

to carry the torch

that others may know

there is life beyond the veil

across the valley of death

littered with the shattered remains

of myriads broken

in the valley of decision

a landscape of derision

picked clean by the carrion

sent to clear the way

I dwell among the slaughtered

waiting for vindication

at the return of the King

in the rise of the brilliant morn

at the spirits bright gleaming

in the face of the monster’s howling,

Deathsidious overthrown!!!

victorious over death,

reunited in loves pure light

on the mountain of triumph as

The Legion of the Dead

rise up to live forever.


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Rabbit Hole

I fell right through the sidewalk

just the other day. I was walking

with a dear friend, just about to say……….

a word, when a rabbit hole

opened along our way.

I could not see it hidden there

in plain sight, in grand view

until I had fallen through.

Down and down, tumbling

down I landed in a room unexpected.

Once in this place, realized, I knew

for I had been here long before.

A world of gray, land long forgotten,

Panics seizing, shutting windows,

slamming doors. I had to flee this place

where slippery slopes are spiraling down.

I gasp! I run, to my pad! I write!

escape treacherous pathways.

I write to live, to find safe haven

where madness can never, never come in.

The secret place the heart of the mind

where the scalding hot winds of insanity

Never, ever can come in.

Hour and hours, writing and writing.

Got to get all of it out. Blinding floodgates

cascading slick keys clicking and slippery

hot pain, can’t stop, keep writing

cause there’s no where else in the world to hide.


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