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chains 1


Cast off the artificial feelings

of the body and the mind

induced by frivolous delicacy’s

that numb the pain but leave behind

scars and wounds, lessons of sorrows

that litter the path of yesterday

and wait for us in our tomorrows

walking in the valley of tears

searching, for the Lord of the Valleys

full of agony ravaged by fear

dreams of freedom overflow in feelings

too hard to face, too easy to run

disgraced, away from the ones

who can help find the path of conviction

free from the addiction

of instant gratifications

false elation, spiritual frustration

that is no substitute for love

thirsty and hungry, desperate inside

looking for the answers

where dreams have died

and hope is gone, all is lost

and at the highest price

the ultimate cost, is paid

salvation comes when pain surrounds

and sorrows drown your soul

foundation laid, rebuild anew

the life shattered and crushed

by the viciousness of life

in a world filled with cruelty

and left to fate, rising

above the bitterness and the hate

facing the pain with arms wide open

letting the tears of truth wash away

all the lies of self hatred

and cleanse the wounds inflicted

by the chains that bind

the broken hearts of the ones

trapped in the world of the addicted.


chains 2

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a man upon a journey

to a near yet distant land

darkness his constant companion

armed only with the light

and the blade in his hand

he set out to find the answers

that lead to the hidden keys

unlocking doors of rooms long shut

barred against the monsters

of childhood misery

he knew not what he searched for

only an illusive specter’s

whispered memories

from behind secrecy’s bolted door

and there he finds

the boy he once was

wounded and crying

crumpled on the floor

on his side curled in a ball

arms encircling his knees

his brokenness quite evident

by the raspy sobs and whimpered pleas

of his pain and fear too great to bear

his wilted soul left all alone

this boy was filled with bottomless pain

he felt he was the one to blame

he was the cause of all the shame

he had tried to climb the steep embankment

to find the path to the deep unknown

but he was weak and helpless

he could not do it alone

he was crippled by overwhelming emotions

and paralyzed by disabling fear

afraid to face vicious answers

scattered about like shattered

shards of glass so very near

the edge of the abyss of boyhood death

that swallows all that is dear

to the boy who reads books

and gets dirty looks

from the man-fusion of confusion

that is the epiphany of delusion

trying to murder the child of books

who hides in crannies and nooks

until the monster finally finds him

and locks him away in his mind

and behind secrecy’s locked door

the man encountered the boy

on the misty eve of dusk

he could barely look upon the boy

by look upon the boy he must

he slid a few steps closer

and reached out his hairy hand

beckoning for the frail

trembling child to stand

the small boy recoiled at first

then recognition lit his eyes

for in the man he saw himself

and they both began to cry

a man and a boy on a journey

in a near yet distant land

facing hideous monsters of darkness

reunited hand in hand

traveling along the long lonely pathway

of intense emotional despair

the man and the boy together

an evenly matched pair

trying so hard just to be free

in the dark and misty lair

of the Shadowmonster

wretched betrayer of the night

enshrouded in a veil secrecy

hidden behind a shield of fright

slithering poisonous nasty snake

ying and yang blended as one

choking and gagging and killing the boy

as the man fights to the death

for the boy as if he were his only son

the boy sags defeated limp and broken

ravaged by the violence of the snake

and storm clouds gather on the horizon

it was all the man could take

his mind awash in a sea of boiling red

dark and shadowy like a horrid dream

the flashing of blades

the man enraged

the battle engaged

hideous scream after hideous scream

pours forth from the wounded beast

as the war is waged

against this boyhood plague

an ancient evil blackhearted foe

ax in hand black bloody rain fly’s

filling the sky with droplets of lies

hacking again and again brutally

desecrating the vicious uncaring monster

as nearby injured and bleeding

the lonely lost boy lies

staring blankly into the sky

the man gathers the limp

motionless  child in his arms

weeping as his tears pour from his eyes

in torrents spilling onto the boy

and kisses smother his face

in love and relief as tender eyes open

to the light of day once more

and the Son shines down in love

on their long journey home


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His Love

Yeshua's Love

Loneliness and pain surround me

I’m not sure what to do

A world so full of misery

Hearts of love so few

But in the darkness shines a light

Jesus love pure and bright

He is loving, gentle and kind

His hand is extended to you

Just reach out, take in and you will find

His love is especially for you

He paid the price why should we

He gave His life so we’d be free

So why should we give up the fight?

Why should we curl up and die?

Amidst the darkness shines His light

Ours is the Victory Cry!

Back from the grave, our lives in His hand

He’s fit us into His master plan

All we need do is rest in Him

Trusting with all our heart

It’s not for us to understand

We’re just not all that smart

Our God is so great, wise beyond all

His power and majesty still strong

even when we fall.


His Love

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