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is as it should be


is every as it seems

when the peaceful


turn to nightmares



the prognosis is grim


hope grows dim


for one we pray

and get our way



for one we pray


he falls




we are


with nothing

at all to say…….




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August Sons Shine

Ryan and Nathan

a thrill, a joy

and a stab

like a knife

a twist in the back

the loss of life

one son given

one taken back

memories and a dream

all came in

August turned black

a month so filled

with family trust

love and joy

pain and grief

and sadness too

So glad that

You are here

with us

and an I miss

you forever

from us too

all so joyous

and grievous

all in the

month of August

I love you

My Sons

You are so

Very very dear

and I desperately

Need you both


Happy Birthday

my fine August sons

one an angel in heaven

and one an angel

here on earth.

I love you both

You know you make this

Father’s heart glow!



August 30, 1982 Ryan

August 19, 1988 Nathan

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Legion of the Dead

Legion of the Dead

I ride a gray horse

among the Legion of the Dead

wandering with them unseen

forever adrift in a sea of red

an army of specters marching

across the blazing sands of time

Black sun setting

Blood moon rising

as the ghosts of the fallen

wait to be called

from beyond the horizon

bearing the memories

of those who are lost;

burning fever, rasping breath, oh

please, not gone, No! 

it’s too high a price to pay,

too high a cost to count!

moving forward, quickened step

backwards glance at footsteps fall

whispering song’s chilly wind

creeps up my spine  a spiders crawl

as the skeleton pirouettes

in a macabre dance of demise

that never ends, and the

droning roll call of the dead begins

again and again piercing my brain

with name after name one by one

each beckoned urgently;

only numbing silence remains

ringing in the ears like long ago

sepulcher’s death bells

chiming the toll

in a dirge for the slain

in hopes that remain

their torches burning

acrid vapors churning

at the edge of the abyss

as they come forth to take their place

in the legion of the innocent dead

the army of the rising Son,

I walk this earth

but I died long ago,

like them struck down

still I remain, suspended;

between here and there

to carry the torch

that others may know

there is life beyond the veil

across the valley of death

littered with the shattered remains

of myriads broken

in the valley of decision

a landscape of derision

picked clean by the carrion

sent to clear the way

I dwell among the slaughtered

waiting for vindication

at the return of the King

in the rise of the brilliant morn

at the spirits bright gleaming

in the face of the monster’s howling,

Deathsidious overthrown!!!

victorious over death,

reunited in loves pure light

on the mountain of triumph as

The Legion of the Dead

rise up to live forever.


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He grasp my arm

In a grip of steel

His putrid breath was stale

Cold icy glare

burned into me

I felt my face run pale

I gasp to scream

them changed my mind;

in a foul rotted growl

he rasp “your mine,

and this is not a dream

you put your foot

upon the gallows stair

you put your neck

into my noose

it was your choice

you know it’s true

you had your chance

and gave it up

now it is time to lose”

dark memories

crowd his tormented soul

as the cries

of the dead pour forth

no choice but

to come undone

as the cries

of the innocent pour forth

he wound the rope

round thirteen times

and a handy knot

was fashioned

hangman’s noose

to be exact

the right tool

for the right job…….

he had always been taught..

he slipped his trade

around his neck

the stool beneath

his feet rocking then..……

feet swinging….. eyes bulging……

gasp…..no air…clawing…bleeding



step to

the hangman’s last dance….


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