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i phone pics 045

On this sidewalk I did walk, again
Now that I am much older
I returned one sunny day out of the blue
To see if I could feel again
What I did all those years ago
Things have changed, but not much
As I remembered the walks I made
On these concrete squares
During those early years of my life.
I remembered once again, how
In that mystical way you came
And took my hand and started
To walk me through my life……
In the wee hours of my life
When I was young and very small
You came and took me by the hand
And helped my little broken heart
To hear your voice and answer the call
To hang in there no matter what
And stand tall……so I did
And so I have and that is what has worked
It would have been impossible
And never ever would have worked
If you had not come
At the worst time
At the height of the crime
When all was so dirty and sublime
And taking my hand, so gently
You became the one
Who always sees me through
So Jesus all I can ever do is
Thank and praise you.


href=”https://ncbeachcomber.files.wordpress.com/2014/03/i-phone-pics-044.jpg”&gt;i phone pics 044<a


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sully in the closet

monsters in my closet

monsters under my bed

silly old monsters

get outta my head

and get outta my way

there is something here

I gotta say

you are not the scariest

monsters here today

so get outta my closet

come out from

under my bed

don’t hurt your self

don’t bump your head

now move on over

or jump in my bed

but don’t get hot

just stand aside

cause your in the spot

where I like to hide

aaahhh real monsters are coming

hurry there’s not much time

quick, lets hide

inside of this rhyme


real monsters 3

images; internet, disney and nickelodeon cartoons

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Mommy, Mommy!

Where is he?

What did you do?

With  Pony!

I left him here

and went to play

I know I left him

here today.

Oh Mommy please!

He’s my favorite one!

Please tell me Mommy!!

What have you done?



images by asa

(I’m sorry, I couldn’t help it, (but it fits) we have been cleaning out my 13 year old daughter’s room and we found these two characters.  They go back a long way.  Good old Pony and His rainbow sidekick, what memories.)

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demons of childhood

tormentors of the soul

invisible monsters

only children can behold

forgotten nightmares

restless memories unfold

secrecy and denial

ancient evil takes hold

warring against the children

praying upon our fears

following us into adulthood

blood in place of tears

growing away from the memories

crawling away from the fear

distancing ourselves from

insidious encounters

that make us feel quite queer

carnivores devour the children

grownups deny they are there

is it insanity to believe

this dark heritage that is not fair

prowling beast dripping fangs

on the edge of unconsciousness

lurking in my shadows, hanging

in my closet, slithering under my bed

deep in darkness misty lair

somehow living inside my head

crawling up from murky mire

hideous creatures accusing blank stare

coming back to remind me

that they are always there

feeding upon the souls of the innocent

calling me to come on down

voices drifting in the wind

whispering….suicides luring mantra….

…trying to stay awake….drifting…falling.

fighting the urge…sinking…. but in the end…

…..i know they all are real….


shemale demon tormentor of my soul

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little boys

are not as tough

as everyone believes

they have

tender feelings

and little hearts

that bleed

so do not hurt one

and pass it off

as nothing

that matters at all

it may be

that the pain

is intense

and causes

the little man

to fall


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The Sidewalk

on this sidewalk i did walk

when i was very young

at dusk each evening when

the eerie branches rustled

i made the trip alone

mom would stand at the door

of our house this much

i knew to be the truth

but when you are six

and there are rustling styx

in makes your blood run cold

i restrained myself

from the fear!

i did not run

from the terror!

i kept my chin up instead

for You kept me

from coming undone

i kept my pace because

You held my hand

each step of the way

there and back again

and i knew for eternity

that You would

never forget me

only four houses and

two long lonely sidewalks

i made this familiar journey

to the church where

my mother sent me

i do not remember much

other than cookies and snacks

and that you always

went with me and

you still walk with me today

thank you ilu


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