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Happy Birthday Nathan


Happy Birthday

22 years old today

Nathan my joy

In all my years

No one so dear

Has ever come

Into my world

My precious

Shining Star

I love you so

The gift you are

To me my son

Is beyond all

That a man could

Envision in his

Wildest Dreams

To trust you into

God’s own hands

Is my only sane

Decision after all

That our family

has been through

All of these years

Now 22 small grains

In the sands of time

And what can I do

But shake my head

In wonder at all

That you are.

Looking back I

See the Hand of God

How close we came

To Losing You

But you were spared

Only to lose

Your Brother

In a Cruel

Twist of Life

A week later

Now a man

and a Marine

The few, the brave

and the proud; you

Our only son alive

On God’s earth

I am so proud of you

And the man

You are now

My only hope is

To see you grow

In life all the rest

Of the days of my life.

My God bless you

And keep you all

The days of your life

And may they be long.

I love you

My Son!!!!Happy 22nd

Birthday and many more.



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August Sons Shine

Ryan and Nathan

a thrill, a joy

and a stab

like a knife

a twist in the back

the loss of life

one son given

one taken back

memories and a dream

all came in

August turned black

a month so filled

with family trust

love and joy

pain and grief

and sadness too

So glad that

You are here

with us

and an I miss

you forever

from us too

all so joyous

and grievous

all in the

month of August

I love you

My Sons

You are so

Very very dear

and I desperately

Need you both


Happy Birthday

my fine August sons

one an angel in heaven

and one an angel

here on earth.

I love you both

You know you make this

Father’s heart glow!



August 30, 1982 Ryan

August 19, 1988 Nathan

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