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chains 1


Cast off the artificial feelings

of the body and the mind

induced by frivolous delicacy’s

that numb the pain but leave behind

scars and wounds, lessons of sorrows

that litter the path of yesterday

and wait for us in our tomorrows

walking in the valley of tears

searching, for the Lord of the Valleys

full of agony ravaged by fear

dreams of freedom overflow in feelings

too hard to face, too easy to run

disgraced, away from the ones

who can help find the path of conviction

free from the addiction

of instant gratifications

false elation, spiritual frustration

that is no substitute for love

thirsty and hungry, desperate inside

looking for the answers

where dreams have died

and hope is gone, all is lost

and at the highest price

the ultimate cost, is paid

salvation comes when pain surrounds

and sorrows drown your soul

foundation laid, rebuild anew

the life shattered and crushed

by the viciousness of life

in a world filled with cruelty

and left to fate, rising

above the bitterness and the hate

facing the pain with arms wide open

letting the tears of truth wash away

all the lies of self hatred

and cleanse the wounds inflicted

by the chains that bind

the broken hearts of the ones

trapped in the world of the addicted.


chains 2

photos; internet


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Cold blue steel

I can feel you

calling me to the edge

red between the lines


dreamcatcher dripping

nightmares glistening

rewards of the night

quite a fright

knowing I can’t fight

such a sight

scars and designs

not a good sign

of where she may lead

needing to bleed

blue for her

to show that

I am still here

I am still real

I still feel when

she bites and caresses

bringing me back

from the precipice

of dissasociation’s

elaboration on the

“Joys Of Masturbation”

waiting at the station

for the 1111 to bring

my sanity home

while she keeps me

in addictions powerful snare

with her cold blue steel

beckoning again, to come

and feel…….


Red Between The Lines 


images by asa



I appreciate the week 24 nomination for perfect poet and accept it gladly, and I am proud to nominate Jessica, she is awsome and her poem is a deep pool that is worth reading again and again. I love Jingle’s poetry rally.  Here is Jessica’s wonderful poem, please check it out, she is great!!!!  


Here is the week 24 nomination award, thank you Jingle and all of the poetry community, I think you are all fantastic!!!!!!

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