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Happy Birthday Ana!


Sometimes in life it seems

That just when special times are done

They begin again

A gift is given

A baby is born

A little girl grows

As her father watches in awe

Such a joyous daughter

Heaven sent, my shining star

Whose light shines bright

In the hearts of those who know You

Dear, delightful Ana, splendid girl

Now fourteen years have past

It’s Birthday time again

So to you Dear Precious One

With love and joy in my heart

I celebrate you my youngest child

I lift you up with hope and prayer

May all your days be filled

With love, joy and happiness

As all my days with you have been

I hope you know forever

How I love you with all my heart

Happy Birthday Ana!!!!!

May it be one of many

May they all be blessed

Beyond all your imagination

May the Lord bless you and keep you

May His face shine upon you

May your heart be ever true

You are such a beautiful girl

I anticipate the wonderful

Woman you are about to become

And the wonderful future

That stands poised before you

Know that you will always be loved

And that I will always

Stand behind you and support you

Be strong and independent

Learn to take care of yourself

Before you need someone to

Take care of you

You are so talented, and bright

The world is your oyster

Find your pearl of priceless value

Above all let compassion and love

Be your guide across the landscape of life

Be passionate in your dreams

Treat others with kindness

Make your mark in life

By the woman you become

And not what you have or accomplish

You are so special

You have such a big heart

It will take you far

If you live your life in love.

Congratulations on fourteen

Fabulous years my sweet, beloved daughter.

I love you for ever

Happy Birthday

love daddy

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