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Greetings to all of my friends and fellow poets.  I just wanted to take a moment to write and let you all know that I have been sick and unable to do much on the computer as of late.  I hope to be in a better place soon so that I can write and post again.  I miss it, which is a good sign because for a while now I have not cared about writing or the computer or anything.  So I hope you are all well and I look forward to hooking up with you all again soon.

Also I have been wanting to share something with you.  I have a friend who makes dolls.  Her name is Jodi Gains and she has made over a thousand dolls and shipped then world wide.  As soon as I discovered her I knew that I had found the doll maker who could make my dreams come true.  She made a doll of me and my scarecrow (from when I was a boy), and Ryan and his monkey, (his boyhood toy that is in heaven with him now.)  Nathan also had a stuffed monkey when he was a boy.  The dolls remind me of Coraline who I love a lot.  She has Coraline dolls by the way!  She did  an awesome job and the dolls have been so comforting while I have been struggling with my mystery illness again.  This time I am seeing a neurologist and I hope she will shed some more light on a life long battle.

So I will write more about the ragdolls and about what happens in the weeks ahead soon.  Don’t give up on me!  I will be back.  In the mean time check out my dolls and Jodi’s sight and blog.  She is so cool and the dolls are very nicely made.  One day she will be famous and these early works will be collectors items.  I will get more dolls from her if my fortunes ever change.  I already have some new ideas.  Please check her out!  She is most definitely worth the time and the dolls are priceless.

Thanks and hope to be back up and running again soon.

love, asa



Alan Ryan Monkey Scarecrow Dolls

image collage by; asa, ragdolls by, Jodi Gains of Tattered Rags

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