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Precious Star

Here is my post for week 24 on Jingle’s Poetry Rally.  This is a poem that is on this blog with pictures from earlier but I want to repost just the words for the rally because it is so special to me.  Just to have it read is prize enough because this has been in my life for quite some time and has always stirred up emotions.  I am  happy to share a piece of my heart with my poet friends in honor of Jingle’s new and improved poetry rally which I hope I can live up to.(and in honor of the one it was written for)  asa


Once upon a time a Star fell from the sky

A Star whose light did briefly shine

Obscured from sight, but for the few

Whose lives were blessed by one small glimpse

Of such a precious Star

That quickly passed us by

So much was changed but how much more

Had you our fallen Star, shined for all instead.

6 grains of sand in the hour-glass of time, Oh God! So few!

Eternity, speculations, memories, so much more

But none of them free from the agony, and wonder

Of how it all should have been

You O Star so simple and polite,  

Free from the cares and concerns of so many

Happy to shine with love in spite of the pain

Free to fly on the wings of the wind

How then you who make us so happy

Why are we so sad now instead?

The grief of life is the loss of one so short,

Yet in loss you have become larger than life

Your light shined so brightly,your flame flared up

and we all were amazed,….Then poof!! You disappeared.

Now I can only dream of the man you will become,

and wait until our time together in eternity.ilu asa

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Legion of the Dead

Legion of the Dead

I ride a gray horse

among the Legion of the Dead

wandering with them unseen

forever adrift in a sea of red

an army of specters marching

across the blazing sands of time

Black sun setting

Blood moon rising

as the ghosts of the fallen

wait to be called

from beyond the horizon

bearing the memories

of those who are lost;

burning fever, rasping breath, oh

please, not gone, No! 

it’s too high a price to pay,

too high a cost to count!

moving forward, quickened step

backwards glance at footsteps fall

whispering song’s chilly wind

creeps up my spine  a spiders crawl

as the skeleton pirouettes

in a macabre dance of demise

that never ends, and the

droning roll call of the dead begins

again and again piercing my brain

with name after name one by one

each beckoned urgently;

only numbing silence remains

ringing in the ears like long ago

sepulcher’s death bells

chiming the toll

in a dirge for the slain

in hopes that remain

their torches burning

acrid vapors churning

at the edge of the abyss

as they come forth to take their place

in the legion of the innocent dead

the army of the rising Son,

I walk this earth

but I died long ago,

like them struck down

still I remain, suspended;

between here and there

to carry the torch

that others may know

there is life beyond the veil

across the valley of death

littered with the shattered remains

of myriads broken

in the valley of decision

a landscape of derision

picked clean by the carrion

sent to clear the way

I dwell among the slaughtered

waiting for vindication

at the return of the King

in the rise of the brilliant morn

at the spirits bright gleaming

in the face of the monster’s howling,

Deathsidious overthrown!!!

victorious over death,

reunited in loves pure light

on the mountain of triumph as

The Legion of the Dead

rise up to live forever.


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Fear Of Darkness

fear of darkness

I have a fear of the dark

a terror of things unknown

the dark shadows in the corners

make me cringe as I stroll into the past alone

into the chamber of nefarious secrets

spawned from hell to hunt my soul

across the brutal landscape of life

through every day that I see

the light of dawn obscured by insecurity

as I dig myself out of this grave of life

again and again but the dirt keeps cascading

and tumbling over slipper slopes shifting

quicksand pulling me under sucking me down

clouding my vision with total darkness

fury’s thunder in my ears ringing

as the enemies of my sanity

claw their way with swiftness

to the bell tower of my castle

storming my life in waves rolling in

sweeping away the light and breath

pitch darkness heart racing head reeling

as hands are grasping me from the blackness

pulling me into the abyss of terror once more

sublime substance invisible evil

suffocation’s finest banquet is feasting

on the soul of my broken wounded life

dragging me down as I look up always

for the light that envelopes the night

and calms my fears and doubts

with Son shining through the cracks

flooding light diffusing allows vision’s returning

gentle hands soft fleeting feather’s caress

once more relieve the fears of my undoing.


darkness 3

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Recently I made a new friend named Jingle.  She is a very sweet poet with a wonderful poetry blog and a weekly poets rally.  Over the past few weeks as I have been experimenting with writing in public Jingle has come along to support me.  This has been amazingly helpful for I was truly uncomfortable and unsure.  That quickly faded as Jingle and her friends came over and lifted my spirits with such kind comments and inspiration that I was overwhelmed by it.  I truly appreciate all that Jingle has done in her free time to put all of this together.  It is  a lot of time and effort and I greatly appreciate every second of it.  Jingle you are loved!!

I never came looking for any rewards.  The recognition by others and the opportunity to read so many different peoples writing was a breath of fresh air.  I know we are not all professionals here but it is the from the heart quality that makes this poetry real.  I think everyone is great and I am happy to be here and I hope that it continues. 

Over the past few weeks there have been several awards and my name was on the list for several of them.  I was not sure that I deserved them or if I understood correctly so I hesitated to post them.  But now in appreciation to Jingle I will post all of them here.  If I claim one that I do not deserve then I am sorry.  I probably don’t deserve any of them so I post them all here as a reward and tribute to Jingle!!!!  So enjoy my Jingle award tribute page. 


week 23

the-most-consistent-poet-award1 the-most-persistent-poet-award the-most-consistent-poet-award1the-most-admirable-poet-award  your-creativity-makes-me-smile-award

previous weeks

the-most-roantic-poet-award the-most-respectful-poet-award

the-most-trust-worthy-poet-award your-blog-rocks-award u-r-a-blessing-friend friendship-award

elegant-blogger-award thank-you

Thank you Jingle you are the best, your friend, asa

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Father’s day weekend 2010. Happy Father’s Day to my father and to father’s everywhere, may is be a blessed occasion for all. This father’s day brings mixed emotions for me. I am torn between joy and sadness. Joy at how far we have come, and what we have overcome as a family, and pain over what was left behind. The moments of precious childhood are so fleeting and never more so than when you hold them in your arms and watch them grow. I still smell the top of each of their sweet little heads. It felt so good to just squeeze em and they loved it. Blond headed knights and dark haired princesses and the joy of their kingdom like Narnia in full bloom. Life in it’s fullest. The stories of a thousands worlds at our fingertips, magic dripping off of the walls, (or was that peanut butter?) Noise and chaos, excitement and fascination, oohs and awes over every adventure or discovery. Those were some of the best and most painful days of our lives. We have had some great times and suffered some pretty hard stuff along the way but look at us now! All of these years growing up together became the defining glow of family essence that draw us back to our center again and again.

Now I have been a dad for over half of my life and I wouldn’t want it any other way. My children are what God used to shape me into the man I am today. Their lives are the primary reason for my existence and the force that keeps me interested in living. Being a father taught me to face my pain and struggles head on no matter how hard. Anything can be overcome with unconditional love. No illness or difficulty is too much in the quest to care for the ones you love. It is miraculous how being a father can change a man in so many positive ways. The sacrifices are immense and the inadequacy felt when it comes to parenting prove that God indeed gives us what we need to care for life in such a vulnerable position. Loving children is like nothing else in the world. The gift of life is the greatest gift of all and to have children is to be fully alive in a very wonderful and dangerous way.

I wanted to be creative but the deep emotions that all of the memories and feelings brought to the surface made me scratch that idea in favor of a more serious, positive father’s reflection. I want to say on father’s day from the bottom of my heart to Ryan, Amber, Nathan, Ana and Katie how much I love you and care for you. You are my father’s day gift every year and I want you to know that I thank you for being mine. Nothing matters more to this daddy’s heart. I know we are all apart this father’s day but please lets all be together at least once more before Nate leaves in September. I love you so much it hurts, and I want to take this opportunity to publicly profess my eternal love for you, my children.  So before God, my friends and family and  the whole world!

I LOVE YOU kids, each and every one of you! more than life itself. I love you and cherish you and pour out my heart for you each and every day.  There will never be enough words to adequately express how much I love you, but still I make this feeble attempt for you.   I am sorry for all of my weaknesses and shortcomings but know that I always strive to be better for you all, and with God’s help I do. (I hope.) Thank you for putting up with me and loving me anyway. You have no idea how much your love means to me.  I feel so blessed and loved by God to have all of your in my life, you have no idea.

So to all of my friends and family everywhere let me take a moment before I go to say thanks to you all and may peace and prosperity be yours in abundance. Happy Father’s day and happy fatherhood to all dads and future dads, may it be a day to remember!


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Poetry In Voice


I love poetry in voice

expression personified

in a mystical essence of glory

as sparkling pond’s

mirrored reflection dimly

catches spirit’s motion

in a backward glance

of reverse world images

view of the new real;

the momentary whisper

in the poet’s inner ear

as soothing voice begins;

and time lies forgotten

and the moment unheard

in the muse’s dream world

as the visions of the verse

are played in life’s symphony

to the metronome of hearts

rhythm and rhyme capturing

rapturous song above

the confusing cacophony

of daily humdrumidity

free on the wings of

poetry in melodious voice!



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Sorrel Dream

sorrel dream

In sunset meadows silhouette

sits golden angel on sorrel horse

mystical vision of ethereal radiance

besieged by bitter destiny’s

merciless driving force

innocence propelled by winds of change

blinding storms on horizons coming

gentle beauty hides dangers lurking

nostrils flaring instincts humming

through times bitter flashes and

life’s lightening crashes onward

galloping Rain splashes through

stinging missiles and salty tears

as her Trustie steed carries her

through the winds of change

into the shifting sands of time

mercilessly buffeted while

the wicked minstrel’s dirge drones by

as tapestries of life weave and knit

a crushing rhyme of why why why

wounded and bleeding pounded by fears

limping and gasping though freedom is near

the celestial pair press onward through tears

into darkest heartaches deepest valley

drenched and languishing in despair

because all that is here is not just nor fair

up against sheer rock wall they come

immovable obstical immense complete

pure golden angels shattered heart undone

against nefarious dragon’s defeat

with slithering intent piercing her

heart with souls lament! but wait!

against all odds comes a blazing

burning glowing light of love intense

that shines brighter ever brighter

as Trustie steed’s power ascending

like Shadowfax strength unending

lifts above the darkness

of her souls darkest night

and carries her radiance high

into a new eternal day’s dawning

of broken hearted love and

delicate golden angelic light


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dapple morning 1

sunlight vigil through

mimosa tree glistens

making not a sound

yet stop and listen;

a rooster crowing

in the distance

urgently calling in

a brand new day

as a lonely early bird

chirps her words to say

good morning to you

hope you had a good rest

now it’s time to get up

and get out of that nest

come smell the coffee

pry open tired eyes and see

four dapple dragonflies

sitting in a tree

as one dapple

butterfly twists lazily

up and up in flight

over dapple bumble bee

who quickly zooms

right out of sight;

but that’s not all

no, it never ends

so much to see

a musical blend

out in the misty

morning’s dew

delicious to behold

breathtaking in view

but it would be much

better if I could

share it all with you


dapple morning

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Twisted Images

twisted images

the image of light is Love

though people pass through

in bitter complacent envy

backward glances longing

to strike the best of man down

sorrows rain drop faucet dripping

counterfeit sensuality oozes

to fill a hole like dirt

tumbling rolling shifting

into a whispering sigh

hunger deepens a yawning

open sepulchers dusty remnants

scraping dry pavement

listless beings passing days

on end searching

mysticism’s brittle shards

that litter the ground

like spiritual treasures

broken discarded and

forgotten behind them as the

automatons conveyor belt

roars to venomous life

with empty hollow eyes

delivering humanity downcast

into a bottomless pit of lies

darkness calls itself light

in a charlatans parade

of selfish hatreds jealousy

mock beauty proudly

adorns the rotted flesh

of a narcissistic creation


vanity’s pointless pottery

shapes itself, but to no avail

for when there is no potter

clay is only clay not life at all

so a candle with no flame

is not light just cold wax

for line upon line as

truth upon truth unfolds

there is not one heart

brimming with life

nor one human soul inviting

without the warm, brilliant

internal light of eternal Love


twisted images 1

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Morning Coffe Pot

Awakens With Aroma

People Nestled In Bed


Greetings everyone,

I cannot believe another week has passed so quickly. I hope you all have had a wonderful week. Here is my post for the acceptance of the nomination for the poet award. I deeply appreciate it and look forward to reading many more poem and meeting more of you. I have read a lot of poems and there are so many great ones that I can hardly pick but the poem Antiques resonates deeply in me so I nominate her at http://missvirgie.wordpress.com/ thanks, go check her out she is great.  I hope I covered everything.

Your Friend, alan

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