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Life’s unexpected moments are sometimes the best, especially when it is a joyous unexpected moment.  My son Nathan called and told me that he and his wife Katie, and their 2 dogs Farley and Sadie wanted to come tonight and spend the weekend.  It is her birthday tomorrow and they want to see us as well as go further north and see relatives in Va.  They will be here through Monday and are planing to go to Busch Gardens one day while they are here.  That is about 2 hours from here so it is better than coming from home for them. 

I was happy at the thought and said “yes, come on.”   We might not be prepared for guest visitors but for them things do not have to be just right.  They lived here for over a year all together,so if they want it cleaner than it is then they are more than welcome to clean, but I’m sure they will be fine.  We don’t get to see them often and Nathan is deploying in Sept.  He is in the Marines. 

  Food is a different story however.  I have been putting off shopping and now I need to but tomorrow morning will be fine.  It will be 9:30 or 10:00 pm before they get here and I’m sure we have something for tonight if it is needed.  They are 3 hours away from us and they won’t be leaving for about an hour anyway and will probably eat on the way.  We will eat before they get here too.  If they would have arrived earlier we could have had an extra opportunity for a family diner and I love each and every chance for a family diner.

So this is truly one of those treasures that I am looking to find on my journey of life.  Me beach combing extends beyond the sandy beaches to all of the sunny beaches in life.  The true treasures can easily be missed if we are not looking for them.  Every moment is an opportunity to cherish another memory to add to the collection.  Like colorful shells found on a sunny day at the beach they shine and reflect brilliantly before our eyes.

So I look forward to another special moment as I get ready to make Nachos with my 13-year-old Ana.  She is the only child left at home and I cherish each moment with her for sure.  I learned with Amber and Nate that childhood is only a small part of life and goes fast so savor every moment.  I also love to savor those Nachos.  We make our own homemade version and it is delicious.  Perhaps I could share our recipe some day.

Now I am waiting.  I never posted this earlier and now the Nachos are done and Nathan and Katie are almost here.  Our “surprise weekend” is about to begin.  My camera battery is charging and I am ready to capture some memories.  They called a few minutes ago and are twenty minutes away but are stopping somewhere first.  So just as I am getting tired they will walk through the door and liven everything up for a while.

So that is that and I have enjoyed experimenting with a blog.  It was not an adventure story by any means but it was an adventure to just write about some bright spots in a sometimes difficult, sometimes painful life.  It is great to have somewhere to put these entries and I look forward to reaping more of the benefits of blogging as the days go by.



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Here is my girl Ginger outside and ready to play.

Here are my boys Doc and Bear they are a team.

Theses are a couple of pictures of my dogs Ginger, Doc and Bear that I posted to test the process.  I think it worked.  This a lot of fun so far


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Greetings to who ever may read this.  It is my first blog post ever and I am still trying to figure out everything.  I am trying to put some info on my profile page but am not sure if I was successful yet.  It all seem so complicated right now but I am sure with time all of that will change.

I have always loved to write and I have been interested in blogging for a while but I have never taken the time to learn how.  Now I am going to try to get over the hump and become a blogger. 

I have been keeping a journal for almost 25 years and that is like this in a way.  It is the place where I will start anyway.  I can’t say that my life is all that interesting, I’m just going to try to make it seem that way for my own piece of mind. 

More than anything is that I love to write.  I enjoy the act and art of writing for the enjoyment and the benefits.  It is one of the best therapy tools that I have ever discovered.  Writing out life is like working out life only I have never tried to do that publically.  It seems a little scary right at first but I’m sure that will change with time.  As will learning how to navigate this sight.   ( I hope.)

I have written stories and poems as well as keeping a journal for most of my life but only a few people have ever read any of it.  So I do not know if it is good or bad only that it was fun to write and that is what drives me to keep on.  Writing always feels like I am talking to someone even when I am writing in a notebook or on in Word.

I have been told that I can go on and on about a number of things so I hope that I do not run out of words or use too many.  I know time is precious so I would not want to waste your time with useless chatter, but I might any way.  I love my family, my dogs, my home and I am thankful to God for all.  I love NC and hope to get to see and share more and more as time goes on.  I want to post pics too but I still have much to learn.  I imagine that this will be a lot like writing in my journal and I am excited about finally getting started.

So I am going for now.  I am going to see if this actually posts. 


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